Culinary Schools in Rhode Island

Culinary Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is also known as “the Ocean State”, and has 400 miles of coastline, which is fertile ground for creative recipes that incorporate all sorts of sea life. Rhode Island has a variety of different cultures which influence local cuisine, such as French, Indian, Portuguese, East Asian, Greek, and vegetarian dishes.

Annual salaries for executive chefs and restaurant managers in Rhode Island hover around $50,000, and the average for sous chef in the Providence-Newport area is $44,000. Factors that can drive earnings up or down include your professional experience, level of education, location, type of establishment, and even your professional reputation. Cost of living should also be considered when gauging salary expectations. Rhode Island chef jobs pay well, but the cost of living is also higher than some other states.

Top Culinary Schools in Rhode Island

  • Johnson and Wales University
    Johnson & Wales University is a full university, with campuses in Providence, Rhode Island, North Miami, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The University has a wide selection of culinary arts programs including Associate and Bachelor degree cooking classes to choose from, and also boasts a successful job placement program to support culinary arts students and graduates in finding a culinary career. Students can choose between one-of-a-kind four-year culinary and restaurant management degrees and shorter Associate’s degrees. Johnson & Wales University emphasizes both kitchen skills and business skills that produce good managers, as well as chefs. Programs of study include Bachelors Baking and Pastry, Bachelors Baking and Pastry/Food Service Management, Bachelors Culinary Nutrition, Bachelors Culinary Arts/Food Service Management, Bachelors Food Service Entrepreneurship, Bachelors Food Marketing, Associates Culinary Arts, and Associates Baking and Pastry Arts.

All Culinary Schools in Rhode Island

Culinary SchoolAddressCurriculumContact
Johnson & Wales University8 Abbott Park Place
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management
Lincoln Culinary Institute622 George Washington Hwy, Lincoln, RI 02865Culinary Arts
University of Rhode IslandKingston, RI 02881Culinary Arts

The above table compiles all culinary schools, culinary colleges, culinary institutes and cooking classes in Rhode Island. Contact details and a link to the website for each culinary arts school are included, as well as a brief summary of the curriculum which can be expected in their cooking classes. You can also sort and search the table to narrow your search down.

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Culinary Schools in Rhode Island